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    Mental Health Therapy for Frontline Workers

    None of us were prepared for the global pandemic we find ourselves in.

    Not parents, teachers, and certainly not the healthcare workers around the country. Doctors and nurses soon found themselves working double shifts to care for sick people. The rest of the world went into lockdown and people stayed home, safe and sound. Yet, these frontline workers showed up day after day, putting their health and life on the line.

    A nurse comforts a coworker in the hallway. This could represent the Covid trauma that online depression therapy in New Jersey can offer support with. Learn more about therapy in Swedesboro, NJ by contacting a therapist in South Jersey today! 08085

    To keep their families safe, many have found other living arrangements. The idea of exposing their family to something they may have been exposed to at work was too much of a risk. So, many mothers and fathers also had to deal with the stress and sadness of being away from their families during the height of the pandemic.

    While many frontline workers appear stoic, all this stress and fear took its toll. Even the bravest among us felt the effects. As a result, many frontline workers have found themselves burnt out. In fact, may have also experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety as well.

    Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

    It’s common for everyone to feel stressed or sad from time to time. But when certain symptoms linger, you are likely dealing with depression or anxiety. If you’ve never dealt with either before, you may not know the symptoms.

    Symptoms of depression include:

    • A persistent feeling of sadness
    • A lack of energy
    • Feelings of hopelessness
    • Sleep disruption (either sleeping too much or too little)
    • Appetite disruption (eating too much or too little)
    • Difficulty focusing
    • A loss of enjoyment of previous hobbies or activities
    • Thoughts of death or suicide

    A man looks out the window while wearing a mask. This could represent the isolation of quarantine that online depression therapy in New Jersey can offer support with. Contact a therapist in South Jersey to learn more about therapy for anxiety in South Jersey and online therapy in New Jersey. 08085Symptoms of anxiety can include:

    • Excessive worry
    • Agitation
    • Restlessness
    • Fatigue
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Tense muscles
    • Panic attacks
    • Trouble falling or staying asleep
    • Irrational fears

    Is it Time to Seek Online Depression Therapy in New Jersey?

    For many healthcare workers, all their time and focus is on how they can help others. The idea of self-care and asking others for help is not something on their radar.

    Are you are a healthcare worker experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression due to COVID? If so, it’s vital you let someone else help you right now. A therapist in South Jersey can offer strategies that will help you cope with your symptoms. Together, you can work to deal with the underlying emotions.

    If you or someone you know would benefit from mental health therapy, please get in touch with me. I offer both in-person appointments as well as online support.

    A man wearing a mask types on a laptop. This could represent a client in a session of online depression therapy in New Jersey. Learn more about online therapy in New Jersey by contacting a therapist in South Jersey to learn more about therapy in Swedesboro, NJ. 08085Begin Online Depression Therapy in New Jersey

    Healthcare workers deserve the same level of support they’ve provided their patients. Our caring therapists would be happy to offer this support from our Swedesboro, NJ-based therapy practice. We have the training and experience to help you no matter where you live in New Jersey. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
    1. Meet with a caring therapist
    2. Start therapy where you feel most secure!

    Other Services Offered with My Therapy Connection

    Online depression therapy isn’t the only service our Swedesboro, NJ-based therapy practice provides. We offer a variety of services to support couples, teens, and individuals. These services include therapy for parents, adolescents, couples, anxiety, grief, and panic disorders. We also offer counseling for teens, families, relationship issues, family issues, stress, phobias, and career issues. Learn more by visiting our blog, or visit our team page today!