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    Karina Castillo, Marriage and Family Therapist

    Hello, and welcome to My Therapy Connection™! My name is Karina and I serve as a Marriage & Family Therapist. I have a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University. I am passionate about restoring relationships to wholeness. Whether this is repairing a wounded marriage, helping teens develop ways to have healthy relationships with their families and peers, or helping individuals find healing within themselves, I find joy in seeing people repair, reconnect, and take the power back in their life. I welcome all who want to find healing in their life and relationships. It is also especially important for me that my clients feel empowered, heard, and safe while in the therapy room with me.

    Relationships can be complex, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Family and intimate relationships evolve over time. In some cases, relationships experience trauma, losses, and unexpected changes. In situations like these, it can be especially hard to adapt. My goal is to support my clients during these very difficult circumstances. It is my every intention to create a safe space filled with empathy and understanding to help you and your family reach your desired level of harmony.

    My greatest passion is to help people in any way possible. My journey in life has led me to take a path of helping couples and families who are struggling with life circumstances, and need an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and a space filled with grace and understanding. I know first-hand therapy can seem intimidating and I am here so that you are not alone in your feelings. I make it my priority to ease you into therapy and make you feel comfortable enough to want to pursue a better life and relationship with your loved ones. It isn’t the challenges presented to us that make or break us, but how we respond to the challenges that make all the difference. During session I am here to highlight your progress and be your accountability partner.

    My therapeutic approach is grounded in attachment theory and in November, 2023 I completed Level 1 Training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

    In addition to being a marriage and family therapist, I work for New Jersey’s Division of Child Protection & Permanency. I have spent the past five years there – helping children (including teens) and parents work through their own individual trauma and losses. As much as I am able to serve those families, I have learned that I want to have a more one-to-one approach in helping families heal.

    Through my work at DCP&P, I have obtained training in substance abuse, childhood sexual abuse, special education, racial bias, and domestic violence just to name a few. I am also trained as a child abuse/neglect investigator. Lastly, I am a Level 3 Certified Bilingual Worker for the Civil Service Commission (Spanish).

    Personally, I am a very happy person and I find joy in the littlest things in life. I would say I view life as the cup half-full. My family is tight knit, and I enjoy spending time with them and exploring new places. When I’m not out and about, exercising or crafting, I enjoy watching football on Sundays and trying new self-care methods.

    If you want to begin by sharing in a conversation with me about how I can help you, I welcome you to contact me and I am happy to provide you with 10-minute consultation at no charge to you.

    As a MFT, I work under the supervision of 

    Helana Russo, LCDAC, LPC License#37PC00747500

    Karina’s Rate: $125