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    Therapy for Teens in South Jersey

    A teen holds their head as they sit against a tree while a helping hand reaches towards them. This could represent the support a teenage therapist in Swedesboro, Nj can offer with online therapy for teens in New Jersey. Learn more by searching "teenage therapist near me in washington, nj" today! 08085Teens today face insurmountable pressure. Even though they are not alone, they may not know how to reach out for support and they may feel alone. With the rise of social media, there is constant pressure to keep up & keep busy.

    Teens are often left feeling lonely, isolated, and not good enough. Plus, they may lack the necessary coping, problem-solving, and communication skills. This may cause an increase in feelings of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Once a teen begins to struggle with these emotions, the problems snowball and only get larger. It is important to get help early to prevent more serious symptoms.

    We are here to help!

    Our trained therapists use a variety of evidence-based treatments to help your teen. Our team helps teens cope with symptoms of:

    We are here to help your teen get to the underlying reason why they may be struggling. We want your teen to enjoy these precious years that will shape the rest of their life.

    Our goal is to provide a safe, secure space for teens to share whatever issues they are dealing with. We want your teen to be able to set realistic goals and have them come to the belief that they are worthy. Together, we can help your teen recognize they are deserving of all that life has to offer.

    Common reasons parents bring their child to therapy for teens:

    How Can Therapy for Teens Help?

    A teen sits on a couch as she hangs her head with an upset expression. Therapy for teens in Swedesboro, NJ can provide support with online therapy for teens in New Jersey. Contact a teenage therapist in Mullica Hill, NJ to learn about therapy for teens in Pennsville, NJ today! 08085

    It is very hard to be vulnerable and share your feelings with your friends and family. It’s much like how having a math tutor can help your teen be able to understand a very complex algebra equation. Having a therapist can help your teen understand and cope with their complex emotions & behaviors. This also includes the behaviors of others. Teens that come to My Therapy Connection™ can sit with a licensed professional therapist. Here, they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings. All without judgment, fear of consequences, or feeling embarrassed.

    Therapy for teens can help your teen:

    • Increase confidence
    • Set goals and establish a plan to reach goals
    • Identify unhealthy coping skills/develop healthy coping skills
    • Increase independence
    • Decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression
    • Establish healthy routines and schedules
    • Regulate mood

    Our therapists are trained in many different treatment approaches. This includes:

    What Happens in Therapy for Teens?

    At the first session, we ask that at least one parent joins the teen at first. There, we will explain the rules of confidentiality. We will also work to make your teen feel comfortable with the teenage therapist. Then, you will provide input for the therapist so we have a good idea of what changes you would like to see. These changes may be seen at home, in school, or in a social setting. From there we will meet one-on-one with your teen.

    What Will Therapy for Teens Look Like for My Child?

    Sessions generally occur weekly at a set time (i.e. Tuesdays at 5:00). We recommend weekly sessions for (at least) the first six weeks. Sometimes, special accommodations can be made for unique circumstances. When your teen’s treatment goals have been met, your teenage therapist may talk with you about reducing sessions biweekly. This is an option and every client is unique.

    What if my teen doesn’t like his/her therapist?

    Although rare, this can happen. We tell our clients that, much like dating, personalities don’t always align. If this is the case, it is okay. Please call or e-mail our office at 800.845.0336; [email protected]. We will match your teen with a different therapist within our practice. Or, we will refer you to another practice.

    Can I Know What Is Going on With My Teen?

    A group of teens join hands in group support as they smile down at the camera. Learn more about teen counseling in South Jersey & get in contact with a therapist in Washington, NJ or Swedesboro, NJ today! 08085

    The short answer is “no.” We are bound by the laws of confidentiality and any violation of that could result in the loss of our license. Yet, if we feel concerned about the imminent safety of your teen or someone else, we’re required to contact the emergency contact (you). We are also obligated to report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect.
    If there are family-related issues, we encourage teens to welcome family members into the sessions for discussion. We will be sure to get your teen’s permission before sharing anything with you. Remember, you want your teen to trust his/her therapist.

    How Long Will Therapy for Teens Last?

    This depends. Some clients come in to help with an immediate problem. Once the teen has figured out how to best solve/cope with the problem, the parent/teen decides to end therapy. We recommend at least six weeks. Once treatment goals are met, you can decide if you want your teen to continue with therapy or stop. We encourage a conversation with your child’s teenage therapist.

    How Can I Get My Teen to Want to Come to Therapy?

    We find it best if you talk to your teen at the right time. We also encourage exploring our website with your teen. Teens can read about each of our therapists so that they feel as if they know a little bit about them. Having you with your teen at the first session also helps to reduce anxiety.
    *For any other questions, we welcome them openly. We want your teen to be well and have a thriving childhood experience free of anxiety and emotional distress. Please e-mail or call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Begin Therapy for Teens in South Jersey

    Your teen deserves support as they experience the new challenges life has to offer. Our team of caring therapists is ready to offer support from our Swedesboro, NJ-based therapy practice. Your teen doesn’t have to struggle with their mental health concerns. If you are ready to start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

    Other Services Offered with My Therapy Connection

    Therapy for teens isn’t the only service offered at our Swedesboro, NJ-based therapy practice. In fact, our team offers many mental health services for couples and individuals. We offer therapy for adolescentscouples, depression and anxietygrief, and panic disorders. Furthermore, we also offer counseling for parents, familiesrelationship issuesfamily issuesstressphobias, and career issues. Learn more by visiting our blog, or visit our team page today!