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    Coaching & Courses

    Coaching Packages

    Elite Coaching Package: In this 4-month coaching package for adults, your coach will meet with you biweekly for live 45-minute online sessions via our safe Telehealth Platform, Simple Practice. Additionally, you will receive coaching on a daily basis through chats. Whether it’s about career stress, parenting, money worries, or past trauma, your coach immediately gets to the root of your wounds, reactions, and pain points. Your coach will help you move you from a place of anxiety and struggle towards a path of peace and joy.
    Investment: 4 monthly installments of $1,000

    Teen/Tween Coaching Package: This six-week coaching package is perfect for your anxious teen! Whether your child’s anxiety is related to sports or academic performance, peer-related issues, or the general struggle of being a tween/teen, your child will receive weekly live 45-minute online sessions via our safe Telehealth Platform, Simple Practice. Additionally, your child will receive coaching on a daily basis through chats.
    Investment: $1,200 *payment plans available upon request

    Signature Courses:

    Our courses were created by Certified Life & Transformation Coach, Michelle Simkiss Dunk.

    Money SELF Love: 3-month digital course on creating a rich life from the inside out. This powerful course transforms your idea of what you currently believe is possible about abundance and shows you what you are truly worthy of. This program also dives into the importance of regulating your nervous system and healing your money traumas. In addition to the digital course, you will receive coaching from Michelle through a weekly live Q & A session via a private Facebook Group.
    Investment: $1600

    Ambitious Academy: This 6-week digital course will help you to overcome your fears, find your North Star, and develop an action plan to accomplish your biggest goals.
    Investment: $497

    JOY Seekers: A 6 week digital program that removes the ego’s need to put off joy until we check certain boxes. It is designed so that you find joy along the way to BECOMING who you were always meant to be. Learn to fall in love with yourself and your life without changing all of the circumstances.                                    Investment: $497

    Emotional Wealth: How to use emotional intelligence and lean into the Feminine energy to create the rich life that you desire. This is a six-week digital course about the energetics and emotions of wealth in every area of your life. In addition to the course, you will receive lifetime membership to the private Emotional Wealth Facebook Group.
    Investment: $1100

    PeaceFULL Revolution: This 8 week digital course with a BONUS meditation is a aimed at creating emotionally intelligent teens who are full of peace. If you are a parent of a teen who is overcome with anxiety, stress, or over thinking, PeaceFULL Revolution will help your teen to manage nervousness, anxiety, and can change your child’s outlook on life for the better!
    Investment: $500

    Soul School: This is a 4-week course on emotional intelligence for parents and teens/tweens. Soul School is a unique, one of a kind Parent-Child program that is geared towards the specific anxieties that tweens & teens are currently facing (especially in these uncertain times)!
    Investment: $250



    Note: Payment plans are available for courses $500 or over