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    Money Self Love, The Experience

    “Your self-worth is directly related to your net worth.”
    – Michelle Dunk, Visionary Mentor, Certified Transformation and Success Coach

    Want to develop a healthier, more positive relationship with yourself, your money and your life?

    Money Self Love, The Experience is more than just a course. It’s a transformational life event that addresses your deepest beliefs around money and radically recalibrates your ability to attract and live in the abundance you deserve.

    Written and presented by Michelle Dunk, renowned Transformation and Success Coach, this 3-month immersive journey shows you, step-by-step, how to harness the power of self-love, increase your confidence, and cultivate a mindset attuned to abundance – so you can create a new money story.

    “You cannot doubt, force or hate yourself into achieving your highest potential… But SELF LOVE can work miracles in every area of your life!”
    – Michelle Dunk

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for YOU, if:

    • You have an inner knowing that you were meant for more and have more to offer the world.
    • You’re tired of saying no to the life you deserve and the things you truly want, because of lack of money.
    • You’re ready to LOVE and treat yourself with the same care that generosity you extend to others.
    • You’re ready to live in abundance, enjoying a rich life deeply rooted in who you truly are.
    • You know that you were NOT born to suffer, be timid, or be denied a prosperous life – but you don’t know how to change the inherited patterns of behavior that constantly hold you back.
    • You’re drawn to abundance, to positively impacting the world, and living with serene confidence.
    • You know, intuitively and overwhelmingly, that your life could be so much easier than you’re allowing it to be right now.

    Here’s what you get when you purchase Money Self Love, The Experience:

    • Lifetime access to 12 video training modules.
    • Live weekly Q & A’s during the entire 3-month experience, with Certified Transformation and Success Coach, Michelle Dunk.
    • You can view videos LIVE – or at any time that suits you best.
    • Exclusive access to a closed Facebook Group where you can enjoy unlimited personal support while benefitting from FAQs, real-time interaction, and group expertise.
    • Powerfully inspiring focused meditations and tools to raise your vibration and receptivity to abundance.
    • High touch coaching with uniquely personalized perspectives and insights.

    What can you expect to gain from this course?

    • You’ll gain a deep understanding of your Personal Money Blueprint.
    • You’ll discover the reasons behind your relationship with money – and the science that enables you to change it.
    • You’ll experience profound personal growth that translates practically into exponential professional success.
    • Your Self-Worth, Self-Confidence and Sense of Fulfillment will flourish.
    • You’ll achieve crystal clarity and insight into your limiting money beliefs – enabling you to creatively and joyfully forge a new abundance story. (And this applies to everybody, whether you’re a stay-at- home mom, entrepreneur, corporate employee or manager, or network marketer).
    • You’ll learn techniques that enable you to regulate your nervous system’s autonomous response to your Money Traumas – and to bypass self-sabotaging behavior patterns.
    • You’ll learn how to identify and address your receiving wounds – and how to heal them.
    • You’ll experience Deep Connections and Accountability, coupled with empathetic group support and inspiration.

    What is the course fee?

    There is a one-time investment of $1,600.00 to be enrolled in Money Self-Love, the Experience.


    Disclaimer: Any and all testimonials included on this website are for illustrative purposes only and are not guarantees of success and/or financial gain. As stipulated by law, My Therapy Connection does not in any way warrant or make guarantees, representations or promises of financial success, reward and/or potential earnings from the use of its program and/or services. The goal and purpose of Money Self Love, The Experience is to provide you with the tools, information, and strategies to bring your dreams to fruition. Your individual success is entirely up to you, your actions and commitment to the program.