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    Is Online Therapy the Future of Therapy?

    As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many therapists have had to make a quick pivot. This involved offering clients online therapy to help them continue to make progress. All while at the same time abiding by the social distancing guidelines to flatten the curve.

    It seems our country and the rest of the world are slowly opening back up. During this time, many of us have learned something very important during this crisis. Teletherapy offers clients something very valuable, and that is therapy on THEIR terms. It’s not so surprising that telehealth is currently a $6 billion industry. Plus, it’s expected to reach $20 billion by 2025.

    Here Are Only Some of The Benefits of Online Therapy in New Jersey:


    A top down view of a woman typing on her laptop with coffee in hand. This could represent the ease of an online therapy in New Jersey session. Learn more about online anxiety therapy in South Jersey by contacting an online therapist in New Jersey today. 08085Generally, many people refuse to seek help from a qualified therapist. Especially those that live in smaller towns and cities. They may fear people will find out. But, with online therapy, a patient can receive help from the comfort and privacy of their own home. This can be particularly helpful for therapists who treat teens. Or, young adults who go to the same school/college and can feel ashamed of seeking professional help.

    Online Therapy is a Time Saver

    None of us ever feel we have enough time in the day to do all that we need to. You will find your clients will appreciate teletherapy. It saves them having to deal with traffic, accounting for drive times, and finding parking.


    I have found that clients who often need my services the most are the ones often overworked. As a result, they usually have scheduling conflicts. Online therapy helps you offer clients timeslots outside of regular hours. These may be times that you may not usually have available.

    A man waves at their laptop with a glass of water nearby. This could represent the start of online therapy in New Jersey. Learn more about teletherapy in South Jersey by contacting an online therapist in New Jersey today! We offer online couples therapy in New Jersey and other services. 08085Clients Show Up on Time

    Online therapists benefit from teletherapy as well. In any given month, many clients may show up late to an appointment. With online therapy, a session can begin with a simple mouse click. As a result, timeliness is much improved.

    Cost Savings

    Online therapy means a therapist can run their practice without front desk staff. Or, paying for office space each month. This extra revenue can have a great impact on their life.

    These are only a handful of benefits teletherapy offers both providers and patients. It will be a bit more time before clients and therapists embrace online therapy. But, the future looks bright.

    Begin Online Therapy in New Jersey

    A top down view of a person typing on their laptop with a cat resting on their arm. Online therapy in New Jersey can offer convenience in overcoming issues with the help of an online therapist in New Jersey. Learn more about teletherapy in South Jersey or online anxiety therapy in South Jersey today! 08085 You deserve to have support in overcoming the issues that matter to you the most. We are happy to offer that support from our Swedesboro, NJ-based therapy practice. Our team of therapists is happy to help regardless of where you live in the state of New Jersey. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

    Other Services Offered with My Therapy Connection

    Online Therapy isn’t the only service we provide from our Swedesboro, NJ-based therapy practice. We are happy to support families, couples, teens, and individuals. These services include therapy for parents, adolescents, couples, depression, and anxiety. We also offer therapy for grief, panic disorders, relationship issues, family issues, stress, and career issues. You can learn more about us today by visiting our blog or team page today!