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    Positive Growth: How You Benefit

    At My Therapy ConnectionTM, we’re constantly focused on growth.

    Not just growth for its own sake, but growth with purpose.

    For those whom we serve, that means being assured of the very best professional guidance to help ensure personal growth, healing, equipping, empowerment, and awakening to exuberant new possibilities.

    For us, it means carefully and consistently adding to our range of offerings. Why? So you get the benefit of the latest and most effective therapy modalities available – which in turn helps us stay at the forefront of our fields of specialty.

    And, with that in mind, we understand that finding the right therapist for you involves more than just checking some boxes. Therapy is a deeply human field of service, and it requires authentic human connection. After all, you’re far more likely to benefit from therapy if you like, trust, and resonate with the professional you’re consulting.

    At My Therapy ConnectionTM, we offer professionalism and expertise. We also offer insight, empathy, and intuitiveness – and they’re all interlinked. Our therapists are attuned to your social and personal preferences, so you’re assured of getting the very best counseling available for your unique needs.

    Tailored for You

    With that in mind, we’d like to welcome our newest therapists – and encourage you to reach out should you wish to consult with any of them.

    Rachel Verdi, MA, LPAT

    We’re delighted to welcome Licensed Professional Art Therapist Rachel Verdi to our team. Not only is Rachel highly experienced in treating couples and adults, but she now also offers Art Therapy across all age groups – including young children and teens. What makes Art Therapy so exciting? Well, not only is it a participative way to communicate more easily in a therapeutic context, but it’s a powerful medium of connection within a creative and stress-free environment.

    Art Therapy is also extremely helpful in situations where verbal communication may be difficult, or where someone might be too young to adequately express their experiences and emotions using just words. Rachel also specializes in working gently and effectively with children on the Autism Spectrum through play.

    Kristine Fredericksdorf, LCSW

    Kristine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who offers multidisciplinary counseling in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, addressing issues like anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, and counseling for the chronically ill / terminally ill and their families. She’s also an experienced guide who helps clients navigate life transitions, find meaning and purpose, deal with internal and external turmoil, and discover personal peace and power.

    Kristine’s approach to therapy is characterized by kindness, compassion, and shared mindfulness that encourages trust and openness.

    Caitlin Alford, LSW

    Caitlin is a vastly experienced Licensed Social Worker who offers a holistic range of strengths-based and individually tailored counseling modalities. She is particularly skilled at helping clients work through self-limiting issues like poor self-esteem, anxiety, trauma, negative thought patterns – or even just feelings of being constantly ‘stuck’ or insecure.

    For more than a decade, Caitlin has provided a wide range of therapy services in settings ranging from hospitals and groups to families and individuals – and is available to assist you, too.

    Rev. Yvans Jazon, MA, LAMFT

    Father Yvans is a Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist who provides empathetic counseling focused on working through grief, overcoming trauma, enriching relationships, and finding personal healing, joy, and growth. Following his calling as a Pastor in the Catholic Church, Father Yvans offers deeply insightful and healing-focused counseling characterized by the gentle non-judgment, warmth, and kindness he brings to his practice.

    Deeply knowledgeable, calm, and caring, Father Yvans draws upon Solution Focused Therapy, The Gottman Method, and Structured Family Therapy to provide the very best outcomes for those he serves.

    Heidi Wimberg, LPC

    A licensed counselor in New Jersey for over 20 years, Heidi has worked with children, adults, and couples in almost every conceivable setting. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Heidi has also undergone extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Gottman Method for Couples, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. For those working through trauma, recovering from an abusive relationship, overcoming anxiety or depression, or needing help navigating daily stress, Heidi offers an empathetic and personalized approach to healing and personal growth.

    Putting it All Together

    And, to ensure flawless coordination and service to our clients:

    Kerry Foster, DoD (Director of Details) is the ‘secret sauce’ behind the superb service we’re able to offer our clients at My Therapy ConnectionTM. With a background in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Kerry has worked in several fast-paced environments, ranging from corporations to non-profits and the education sector. In addition to being a superb manager and organizer, Kerry is compassionate and professional – a perfect fit for My Therapy ConnectionTM.

    Our Congratulations to:

    Jennifer BayneJennifer has now been with us for 2 years!

    Helana Russo (Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor) – Helana has just celebrated her 2-year work anniversary at My Therapy ConnectionTM.

    Tony Federicci MTC (Licensed Associate Counselor) – Tony has just completed his first year with us.

    We’d Love to Hear From You

    As always, whether you’re an existing client at My Therapy ConnectionTM, or simply looking in and considering the benefits of professional therapy in your own life, we’d love to hear from you.